Display Design

Don’t just say it – DISPLAY IT! When you want to be seen in a high traffic or external environment, a bigger canvas, whether on trade show booth displays, fleet graphics or billboards is the way to go. I’ll generate a strong visual statement with stop-power within any large format application. I also work with excellent sources to ensure that the print and installation results in a finished product that’s even “bigger” than its outer edges!

Agromart Displays

Agromart Group Tradeshow The Agromart Group provides crop nutrients, seed, crop protection products, custom application and associated services to agricultural producers across Eastern Canada. For their upcoming tradeshow, they wanted their booth to have ‘stop-power’ engagement while also effectively communicating their four key focuses in a way that was strong andContinue reading

EMCO Fleet Graphics

EMCO Fleet Graphics I designed a series of vehicle decals and wraps for EMCO’s profit centres across Ontario which I customized to reflect and target their specific contractor and / or retail customer base. I developed a visual concept for the fleet graphics to be flexible enough to reach bothContinue reading

IMT Group – Ingersoll Axles Displays

IMT Group – Ingersoll Axles Displays To represent a visual identity consistent across all the IMT companies, I applied a similar stylistic approach for Ingersoll Axles as I’d done for IMT Forge / Clifford-Jacobs Forging. However, I wanted to add a grittier texture to the high contrast and rich colour tones to contextually depict the environmentContinue reading

Epimatic’s DocumentPath Displays

Epimatic’s DocumentPath Displays Epimatic’s DocumentPath product enhances, simplifies and streamlines the distribution of documents electronically. Drawing on the “Simply send it.” tagline, I designed their trade show displays and table skirts around the visual concept of a paper airplane as an ironic visual metaphor to communicate the ease with which DocumentPath handles documents for theirContinue reading

Ontario College of Teachers

Ontario College of Teachers LED Light Box For an upcoming tradeshow event, I was asked to develop a design for an LED light box for Ontario College of Teachers. I applied a vibrant colour palette as the foundation for the design to not only exploit the radiant qualities of the LED light box, but alsoContinue reading

Erickson Manufacturing Ltd.

Erickson Manufacturing Ltd. I developed panel designs for Erickson Manufacturing Ltd.’s trade show booths with a thematic focus on the many applications of their tie-down straps. Visually, a strong emphasis on Erickson’s branding was the foundation for the design’s overall look. All the graphic elements were “tied” together by strong use of colour (specifically, theContinue reading