Promotion Design

Good promotional material can have a positive impact on both product or brand awareness and sales for your business. I can help develop impactful visual concepts with strong graphic elements (illustrations, logos, taglines and more) from which I can leverage and serve the media you feel will best convey your message.

M&M Meat Shops Party Foods Promotion

M&M Meat Shops Party Foods Promotion I designed this full page magazine advertisement for M&M Meat Shops New Minas as part of their party foods promotion. Since the magazine itself targets more affluent consumers, the advert was designed to portray a higher-end look and feel while, at the same time, not straying far from M&M’sContinue reading

Getaway Promotions

  Getaway Promotions McKeough Supply, an HVAC wholesale distributor began a promotion to reward their loyal dealers by offering them a chance to win an all-inclusive tropical trip based on the number of units sold during the year. I designed the Getaway logo and brochure from which they could drive the promotion. It proved successfulContinue reading

Easy Way Flyers

Easy Way Flyers Easy Way wanted to communicate the range of products they provide within the realm of facility maintenance and home cleaning to expand on their brand perception.Monthly promotions and other highlighted features help to create on-going engagement with their existing and potential customers.​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​  

Muskoka Cottage Brewery

Muskoka Cottage Brewery Muskoka Cottage Brewery was developing the “My Muskoka Sweepstakes”, a promotion built around stimulating their customers’ personal connection with the region and to relate that sentimentality with the brand itself. The promotion included a Weekend getaway, Brewery Tour and many other prizes, for which I designed the logo, direct mailers and VIPContinue reading

Epimatic – Dynamics Path Advertisements

Epimatic – Dynamics Path Advertisements Based on their slogan, “Simply Better Nav”, I designed a series of advertisements promoting DynamicsPath’s suite of products. The full page advert draws on a similar conceptual theme established in their trade show displays. I created a paper fortune teller image as a visual metaphor to reinforce the “Simply ChoseContinue reading

St. George’s of Forest Hill – Food Trucks

St. George’s of Forest Hill – Food Trucks St. Georges of Forest Hill wanted to promote their first upcoming Food Trucks Festival, but having never done one before, they wanted to ensure that any promotion of the event was executed with maximum impact and draw newcomers to the church. I designed these posters and mini-flyersContinue reading