Getaway Promotions

McKeough Supply, an HVAC wholesale distributor began a promotion to reward their loyal dealers by offering them a chance to win an all-inclusive tropical trip based on the number of units sold during the year. I designed the Getaway logo and brochure from which they could drive the promotion. It proved successful and developed into an annual promotional item for McKeough Supply and has recently extended further as a part of EMCO’s VAP program.

VAP Getaway Promotion

VAP Getaway Promotion The success of the Getaway promotions were later carried over to EMCO’s VAP program, resulting in the creating of printed inserts promoting their annual tropical, fishing and local themed trips.  

McKeough Getaway Promotions

McKeough Getaway Promotions As part of a dealer rewards program, McKeough Supply, an Ontario based HVAC wholesale distributor, developed the Getaway promotions to offer dealers the opportunity to win a luxury trip through it based on sales. I designed the Getaway logo as a way to brand the promotion as on-going annual initiative. From there,Continue reading