EMCO Fleet Graphics

I designed a series of vehicle decals and wraps for EMCO’s profit centres across Ontario which I customized to reflect and target their specific contractor and / or retail customer base. I developed a visual concept for the fleet graphics to be flexible enough to reach both target markets and also be anchored by strong brand consistency. ​​​​​​​Some are more vendor focused, while others have a more tactile and ‘showroom’-y look and feel for residential customers.

EMCO Brantford

For EMCO Brantford, I designed the fleet graphics to have a strong showroom ‘look and feel’. The design showcases the products via the large luxury bathroom image and inset product pictures, but avoids overshadowing the EMCO branding.

EMCO / McKeough Supply Woodstock Fleet Graphics
Their van graphics were designed to reflect the McKeough Supply / EMCO shared location.The truck graphics emphasize the EMCO Corp. branding, while also representing the products and market focus specific to each division.

EMCO North Bay Fleet Graphics 

The wave graphic relates to the industries that EMCO targets (Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration, Plumbing, etc.) by subtle referencing of water, heat and air flow associated with them. This element is carried over into other PC’s decal graphics.

EMCO North Bay Fleet Graphics : Pick-up Truck

McKeough Supply Fleet Graphics

These vehicle graphics focus on showcasing the McKeough Supply branding. The “HV / AC” graphic is a subtle eye-catcher that references the logo for rock band, AC/DC, while also defining themselves as a wholesale distributor of home comfort products.