Epimatic Branding

Epimatic is a Microsoft reseller and implementation partner for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Epimatic Website

Epimatic Website Design To reflect the visual identity reflected by Epimatic’s printed promotional material and tradeshow displays, the website was designed with strong references to their branded colour palette and use of simple but evocative visual metaphors. The visuals are also grounded by more direct imagery of corporate environments, referencing their key target audience. ToContinue reading

Epimatic – Dynamics Path Advertisements

Epimatic – Dynamics Path Advertisements Based on their slogan, “Simply Better Nav”, I designed a series of advertisements promoting DynamicsPath’s suite of products. The full page advert draws on a similar conceptual theme established in their trade show displays. I created a paper fortune teller image as a visual metaphor to reinforce the “Simply ChoseContinue reading

Epimatic’s DocumentPath Displays

Epimatic’s DocumentPath Displays Epimatic’s DocumentPath product enhances, simplifies and streamlines the distribution of documents electronically. Drawing on the “Simply send it.” tagline, I designed their trade show displays and table skirts around the visual concept of a paper airplane as an ironic visual metaphor to communicate the ease with which DocumentPath handles documents for theirContinue reading