Patriot Forge Co. Visual Identity

With enhancements to their manufacturing capabilities and to suggest a lean toward technological growth, Patriot Forge Co. wanted to establish a fresh look for their visual identity. The aligned pentagon shapes echo the ‘star’ in their logo and imply both a precise and strong methodical process with emphasis . This established look was applied to tradeshow displays, sell sheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Patriot Forge – Displays

Patriot Forge – Displays Patriot Forge Co. wanted to re-energize their trade show presence with a strong unified visual theme that would reflect a quality driven and progressive approach to inspiring trust in their ever evolving customer base. The “Forging Quality. Forming Trust” slogan is integral to this overall messaging. This established look was subsequentlyContinue reading

Patriot Forge – Sell Sheets

Patriot Forge – Sell Sheets A series of sell sheets were developed for Patriot Forge Co. ​​​​​​​with a direct visual tie-in to their trade show displays, reinforcing a visual identity that would connect with other communication pieces.​​​

Patriot Forge Presentations

Patriot Forge Presentations I developed graphics and layout elements for a PowerPoint Template that was to be flexible enough for the users and to be an on-going visual communications tool for professional and persuasive corporate presentations. It also generated added momentum for their branding and visual identity. ​​​​​​​