AFM 125th Anniversary Branding
To celebrate their 125th anniversary, Ayr Farmer’s Mutual Insuarance Company wanted a logo that would convey their proud history, as well as commitment to looking forward to the future. To do this, I used their brand colours and familiar iconography, but also introduced a classic typeface that stylistically blends into ‘wave’ forms to suggest harmonious continuity.


AFM 125th Anniversary Flags

AFM 125th Anniversary Flags These 2′ x 4′ flags were designed for their head office as part of the 125th anniversary. The strong use of AFM’s colours proudly reinforces AFM’s brand. It also emphasizes  its messaging that embraces the past while also looking forward: “Supporting Community and Building Relationships”.     

AFM- 125th Anniversary Wall Mosaic

AFM- 125th Anniversary Wall Mosaic As part of their 125th anniversary, Ayr Farmer’s Mutual wanted a wall mosaic for display in their head office based around a tree image which has come to symbolize AFM. As the focal point for this piece, the tree and background was digitally assembled from recent and old photographs takenContinue reading

AFM 125th Anniversary Magazine

AFM 125th Anniversary Magazine As part of the 125th anniversary, Ayr Farmer’s Mutual Insurance Company wanted to produce a 56 page magazine-style brochure. AFM wanted to visually express their deep pride in its rich history and agricultural roots, but also wanted to include articles that spotlight some of their local business customers. Colour is usedContinue reading